08 July 2009

Drawling a drawing

Okay listen to me, guys.

The word is "draw". Something that has been drawn is a "drawing".
"Drawl", however, means something else entirely.
You draw a drawing, you do not "drawl" a "drawling".
Pronouncing it this way is one thing-- a bit annoying at times, but I'll chalk it up to accent, whatever. At least it's better than "libary". However, just five minutes ago I just saw someone on an oekaki spell it this way. On purpose.
Do not do this.

Likewise, a "drawer" is something you put things in, it is not a person.
A person who draws is an artist or an illustrator-- not a "drawer".


MrsSoersdal said...

Well hullo my name is SIMON and I like to do drawrings

Nay Denature said...

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Anonymous said...

Just heard someone say "drawling".

Brendan said...

My teacher pronounces draw this way. She was born and raised in, I believe, South Carolina. Must be a thing among the mid states.

Brendan said...

EDIT: Pennsylvania (not a mid state). Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I listen to a podcast hosted by two guys from Ohio and both of them pronounce draw as drawl. I love the podcast but that makes me mental.

Anonymous said...

True Crime Garage?
They also say "brawl" instead of bra, and this week it was "he first saWL" instead of "he first saw".
Like the show, but I can't help it, it infuriates me.

Anthony Parisi said...

Just this morning, a 30 year old man emailed me with a request for me to create an illustration. The email subject name was, DRAWLING.
I have GOT to move away from Philly.