08 June 2009


Look, I don't know if you got the memo or not, but spaces go after periods.
... what? They do!
And they go after exclamation points, commas and question marks too, as well as any other punctuation you can think of.
Leaving out those spaces makes your sentences so, so ugly and it makes everything hard to read. You don't want your work to be hard to read, do you? Because I assure you that no one will read it in that case. Or if they do, they will then proceed to flame the hell out of you for wasting their time.

On another note, please don't put three-five spaces in between each word/sentence. This is a less common problem that I mostly see on things written by middle aged types. Please don't do it. Only use one space at a time.

05 June 2009


*rises from the grave*

Okay, guys, seriously, let's talk.
Let's talk about why you fuckers are so goddamn lazy.
I mean, really, what makes you think it's a good idea to insert emoticons into your prose? Do you ever see it in published novels? Of course you don't. Because it's stupid and no publisher in their right mind would give money to an author who does that shit. It's lazy! It's saying "Hey, I can't be arsed to actually describe the character's emotions, so here's a stupid little emoticon, lol! =D"

Fuuuuuck you.

Describe things. Use actual words to describe how your character is feeling, what their expression is, how they're using body language-- words are so much more expressive than emoticons can ever be. This is not an IM conversation, thank you, this is literature.
(Or... or fanfiction. Or just... eh, you know what I mean.)

Special exception may be granted to script-format stories, unless they're actually trying to be stage/screen directions. That format generally exists to focus more on dialogue than anything else, so a lack of description really isn't that big a deal.

In other news, the reason for the dead-ness of this blog is twofold:
One, I have been very busy with school, and two, I have no inspiration.

So basically if I have more time or inspiration I'll post more... and that's that.
You guys can feel free to email me any suggestions for future rants if you'd like, especially if you've got a particularly painful fanfic for me to look at. <3
My email is selanp@planetxeeni.com -- so drop me a line if you've got any ideas.